Male. Mexican artist. 20


It's a random Bonanza. Preserved beings, exquisite architecture, critters, textures and anything that comes to my mind as I lay down.

No artwork to share from school today, but here’s work by an artist that I was introduced to in class. 

"Flow and Fusion, Tokyo Dome", Ken Kitano 

CityKen Kitano

Ken Kitano ~ From Our face -30 Geikos and Maikos Dancing the Special Kyo  Dance in the Spring, Miyagawa Town, Kyoto,2005

Ken Kitano
From the Our Face project
[via Le Journal De La Photographie]
Reflecting On A Large Seed Pod by Bill Gracey on Flickr.



**remembering my best friend imitating Jarvis Cocker, singing and dancing “Disco 2000” by Pulp**

That’s me. 

No, that’s me.

Godspeed You Black Emperor! - London Nov 2000#1 by sadmafioso on Flickr.
Peter Behrens’ Front Door by cathlinargb on Flickr.
Sleeping Pygmy Hippo by JasonCross on Flickr.
El Pabellón Alemán de Barcelona - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - 02 by pacchio on Flickr.
Lava falls by fredrikholm.se on Flickr.
holding up baby at kugongea by teresehart on Flickr.